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erythema n : abnormal redness of the skin resulting from dilation of blood vessels (as in sunburn or inflammation)

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  1. Abnormal redness and inflammation of the skin, due to vasodilation.
  2. Skin redness from sunburn or chemical irritation


abnormal redness
  • German: Erythem
  • Italian: eritema
  • Korean: 홍반
redness from sunburn
  • Italian: eritema solare

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Erythema is redness of the skin caused by capillary congestion.
It can be caused by infection, massage, electrical treatments, acne medication, allergies, exercise or solar radiation (sunburn), and waxing and plucking of the hairs any of which can cause the capillaries to dilate, resulting in redness. Erythema is a common side effect of radiotherapy treatment due to patient exposure to ionizing radiation.
In about 30-50% of cases, the cause of Erythema is unknown.

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